Want to mimic the colour of egg in your food? It’s as simple as using a bit of turmeric. That’s what I did here with my tofu when I fried it for my sausage and egg McLovin’.

Some people wonder why plant-based eaters like to imitate animal foods in their cooking.

It’s a great question!

This is the best I can do to answer it from my point of view.

Despite what the preachy type would like us to believe, not all of us started off eating plants alone. Some of us were fed steak, chops, minced meat, sheep’s tongue (yep, mum sneaked it into my lunchbox one day!!), seafood, eggs, honey and lashing of dairy growing up.

Some of those foods are triggers to fond memories of my past. Those memories are less about what I ate, but more about the tradition and the time spent with friends and family – eating together, listening to music, talking, laughing, celebrating, Aunty getting drunk and throwing her fake boob at us …

Eating similar foods to how I ate then reminds me of those times which are so very precious to me. It takes me back.

It also helps on the days you have cravings and when you’re just starting out, you can have A LOT. Then they subside and you do it for kicks. Or so the kids feel like they’re not missing out among their friends. Or so your festive traditions and celebrations can still hold together for your rellies.

I hope that helps answer the question.

With love always,
Gab xo