Success Stories

Hear from our community.


I’ve lost 14 kilos and my BMI is now ‘normal’. My cholesterol went back to normal in 6 weeks. My health has never, ever been better.
I could not have done it without your guidance and knowledge. It has been an absolute privilege working with you on my health goals. We totally smashed them!



Liz WR

When I started my program with Gabrielle, my top three goals were – to be able to make balanced food choices and cook healthily for my family; possess energy and a will for life, and learn techniques to combat stress and anxiety.
Talking things through really helped – Gabrielle’s always provided clear guides, explaining what, how and why. I never felt judged and I always felt understood. After each session I felt amazing.
I now have an enormous amount of knowledge about food and how it works in the body. Not only do I benefit from this new information, but I share the knowledge and help my friends and family so that they can benefit.
I am so much more creative with my cooking. I can listen to my body and have a completely different perspective about my hunger and the food choices I make. If I eat chips, I now know that I feel yuck afterwards so I choose something that agrees with my body and makes me feel good. I have learnt how to eat guilt-free.
Gabrielle is extremely generous and thoughtful. She goes out of her way and it always feels like it’s not her job – more like it is a personal journey that she walks with you. A partnership. Gabrielle makes you feel comfortable and appreciated. And before you know it, you’re changing!
I would recommend Gabrielle to people who have lost their way and strayed off the right path of healthy eating, to people who need motivation, and those who want to commit to connecting themselves in their daily lives with how they eat.
I feel like I am finishing the program with so much knowledge. I’m leaving a different person to the one who walked in the door. I feel confident leaving but I know I can rely on Gabrielle if I ever need a helping hand in the future.


I started out in the 3 month program with the main goal of changing my diet to be more plant based, and also losing weight. And with some guidance, digging down into my “why”, and lots of helpful ideas and tips I did actually make some big changes. My diet has become mostly whole food and plant based, and I did lose a few kgs in the process.
My most significant change though was the process of shining light on all areas of my life, realising I wasn’t happy in some areas, having a complete melt down, then making a decision for radical change! Through this time Gabrielle was so supportive, knew when to give me space, when to be kind and gentle, and when to show a bit of tough love. Gabrielle is very intuitive and authentic, and makes it easy to be yourself without fear of judgement.
I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to get healthier is all areas of their life. It was a kick start for me to transformation, and I’m so buzzing about the future! Thank you Gabrielle x


I lost 29kgs working together and went from a tight fitting size 22 to a size 12. Thank you so much Gabrielle!


I started following Gabrielle when I became aware of her passion for healthy, sustainable living. I was also intrigued by the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course she had graduated from so I enrolled in a six week online weight-loss program where she initially assessed my habits and lifestyle.
My top three goals were 1. weight loss, 2. maintain a healthy lifestyle, and 3. get some auto-immune issues under control.
When I began the program, I weighed 79.4Kg and my waist measured 37 1/4 inches. Over the coming weeks, Gabrielle would remind me of the commitment I had made to myself and always have sensible, manageable solutions to my everyday problems so I could achieve my goals!
After 6 weeks I lost 6.5kgs and just over four inches from my waist. I gained so much knowledge and confidence in my ability to manage my health. I loved how she could identify a particular food that may have an adverse effect for me!
I have halved my blood pressure medications, and my goitre on my thyroid has reduced significantly in size!
The most significant overall change I have noticed other than my obvious weight loss, is my ability to gauge what I should consume for the day without really thinking too much.
I’m continuing to apply the structure Gab helped me build and am more than happy with my weight loss, waist size and general health and fitness! Gabrielle is a beautiful soul who cares deeply about encouraging everyone to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. She is an amazing advocate for plant based eating. I would recommend her to everyone!


I would definitely recommend Gabrielle to anyone looking to find out more about plant-based eating and this way of life.


I don’t know if you realise this but you have changed my life and I am healthier, fitter and a better person because you came into my life. Thank you.


My main goal when we started working together was to eat healthier foods, lose weight and to feel better about myself. Working with you, you were very supportive and always available to answer any questions at any time.
The biggest tangible change I experienced during our time together was losing 5 kilos and downsizing my meal portions. The most significant overall changes have been more energy, clearer mind, choosing healthier options and smaller portions.
You have been very supporting and encouraging and I would recommend you to anyone wanting to change to a healthier way of life.





When I first decided to go vegan, I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of having to re-train myself on how to cook healthy and cruelty free meals. Unfortunately, this resulted in me eating a lot of processed vegan foods and I put on weight rather quickly. I really needed some guidance on how to make this transition a healthy one.
Gabrielle was the answer! I booked a one day cooking session with Gabrielle and in this one session she was able to show me how to cook several healthy, easy and yummy meals for my whole family.
She gave me loads of ideas on how to convert old recipes into healthier, vegan alternatives without too much trouble and how to save time by showing me what can be stored or frozen so I can halve my weekly cooking time!
I’m so grateful to Gabrielle and for the services she offers, I wish I had have found her earlier.


Gabrielle arrived on time fully prepared, with all of the necessary ingredients for our day of cooking and learning. She was incredibly helpful and friendly, and brought useful print-outs for me to keep for future reference – these have come in very handy! We made a couple of dishes, which we did together, and they were nutritious, healthy, easy to make, and most importantly, delicious.
I am not a good cook and don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen, and Gabrielle made it easy for me to follow the recipes, using the equipment I already had available in my kitchen.
I would highly recommend a day in the kitchen with Gabrielle for anyone who is looking to eat clean, healthy, vegan foods.


It’s wonderful to see creative and inspirational Vegan programs in the community! Educational and supportive programs are the most effective programs by far when it comes to helping the public transition to the Plant Based Lifestyle! The Plant Body Solution team is achieving wonderful results with their creative and friendly educational approach! Well done and we look forward to working with you again Gabrielle Olga!


Doing the taste test was a very simple but effective way of showing how easily and quickly our tastebuds change! I found it very useful as I began my plant-based journey.



I got the opportunity to work with Gabrielle and thanks to her skills she has helped transform my life. We worked on my anxiety of meeting new people. Since the treatment I have been confident in approaching and speaking to strangers. This has really helped with my self- esteem and outlook on life in general.



Meal Plans & Recipe Books

I just weighed myself and I lost 3lbs this week! This week has made me really aware about where my extra weight has come from though – mainly mindless snacking on unhealthy foods between really healthy meals. But I am also guilty of enjoying vegan junk food on too many occasions!

Nicola Wise-Sturt

I changed my perception of making my own meals, actual HEALTHY meals that not only taste far, FAR better than crap I get from outside.
It made me raise my confidence as I choose to back myself and commit to serving and honouring my body. It’s not the action, it’s the implication behind it. It is a sign of self love, to put myself as a priority as I choose to put a high price of myself
I lost 1.5kgs, whilst having extra portions and without going to the gym even once this week!! Wowzers! I feel better than I ever have through food, woke up feeling great, more sustained energy

Devesh Kumar

It was fab, perfect? I loved the fact nothing was wasted. This plan allowed me to eat less animal products. I like the fact you offer solutions that are gentle, non-preachy and non judgemental. This is really attractive to people and me. I really struggle to know what to eat and avoid animal products because everything out there is grain grain grain and junk food vegan. Loved your course fabulous

Marianne Sedman

You have done a great job! Everything was made so professional, but simply at the same time! You are thoughtful and caring about each and every person in this program. Non judgmental and that is so important! people often feel guilty when it comes to healthy eating. And when they do – the stop doing what they started because suddenly the “good thing” turned out being “negative” But that is not what we want if we want people to eat healthy!



it was very valuable, great recipes, wonderful and helpful support from Gabrielle (thank you!), great to be in a group and see the questions and photos from others. A great and tasty introduction to a vegan diet, it shows how easy and doable it is and how our bodies respond to it. I can make new choices now. Transformative.

Claudia Mueller

I loved the new insights into making a variety of new dishes! The support has been outstanding. Thank you.

Ellie Meissner

I loved having recipes that were quick and easy to prepare. That makes such a big difference when feeding myself one way and my family another.

Alissa Brownrigg-Small

I thoroughly enjoyed this plan. From the menu planning to the cooking it was easy to follow and preparation was a breeze. The meals were varied and flavourful. Gluten is out of my life. I feel more energetic and rested. It had eased my menopausal symptoms as well which makes me very happy indeed And Good news. I have lost 1 kg this week. Can’t explain how happy I am. Thank you Gabrielle. You have given me the kick start I needed.

Shirley Shaw

Outrageously high value. This plan has given me everything I needed to feel confident in eating a plant based diet. Easy to implement, tasty to eat and having Gabrielle’s brain to tap into throughout the program was invaluable. I valued your expertise when you answered my questions about detoxing, gut health etc. Your answers helped soothe anxieties that could have sabotaged my effort. Thank you so much Gabrielle.

Cara Wilde

I absolutely loved the 7 day vegan eating plan. I was challenged to embrace an alternative way of caring for my body, and I am still feeling the benefits. My body feels lighter, fresher and I have more energy to do the things I love. If you have been curious about vegan living, I highly recommend using it as an introduction guide.

Trina Butko

Changing your diet – and your family’s diet – can be overwhelming. Gabrielle removes the overwhelm and breaks the process down into small, incremental changes. She’s super knowledge but also practical and realistic. Plant based eating has massively changed my health and Gabrielle made it easy!

Kylie Bevan










Recently I was invited to Brisbane to show my documentary ’The Big FAT Lie’. I was invited by Gabrielle Olga who thought people would be interested in the topic. Over a month or two of event preparation I found Gabrielle to be totally professional, well organised and a very pleasant person to work with.
At the event itself Gabrielle was an amazing host, and spoke well as an MC and speaker in her own right.
Gabrielle has a sound understanding of the key elements of healthy eating, particularly in the whole food, plant based area. As well she would be a good person to talk about child rearing and nutrition. Gabrielle is a confident, fluent speaker who connects well with a wide audience age range. I wish Gabrielle all the best in her future endeavours.

GRANT DIXON, Documentary Filmmaker