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Life Is Too Short To Feel Faded…

Are you lacking motivation and energy?

Are you slipping into foods that you should eliminating?

Does creating a weekly meal plan feel overwhelming?

It’s time to reveal the secret to getting your health back on track!

Here’s How It Works

Sign up to a monthly or annual membership.

Download your new healthy resources every month.

Follow the meals outlined in your plan.

Join the Flourish Community for coaching & accountability.

*Then do a happy dance in front of the mirror as you radiate energy and optimal health*

What You Receive Each Month:


A nutritionally dense plant-based recipe pack with example meal plan that you can use and reuse for as long as you want. All recipes are plant-based and use a minimum of processed or refined ingredients to take the effort out of finding healthy, nourishing and delicious meals! It’s a paint-by-numbers solution to meeting your nutritional needs while supporting your health goals.


Imagine this: Showing up confidently in your life knowing you’re using the most effective and proven health and lifestyle strategies. We make this happen with simple, easy to follow resources to help you create new healthy habits… you’ll be able to organise yourself using the health-promoting strategies provided every month in the Flourish Wellness Resources.




Everything you want is on the other side of consistency… and we hold you accountable. Join monthly Group Coaching sessions with Gabrielle Olga, and your choice of additional masterclasses, guest contributors, and community networking and support.

But above all else…

Flourish will give you the ongoing tools, resources and support to amplify your health so you can tick off body and health goals. You won’t believe how much mental real-estate and energy you will have available to put towards other pursuits when healthy habits are automatic and are just a natural part of how you live.

That is true sustainability and lifestyle.


I’ll show you how to create healthy meals and habits to achieve your personal health and lifestyle goals using our resources and monthly Group Coaching sessions.

“I could not have done it without your guidance and knowledge, it has been an absolute privilege working with you on my health goals.

We totally smashed them!”

– Heather Shortland


Flourish is Officially Open for Enrolment


Cancel anytime.

US$20 per month

  • 1 x Recipe Pack every month
  • 1 x Deep Dive Masterclass every month
  • 1 x LIVE Q&A Session every month
  • 1 x Wellness Resource every month
  • Access to the Flourish Community with Networking Opportunities, Group Coaching Sessions with Gabrielle, Guest Masterclasses, and more

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Our best value – save US$43!

US$197 per annum

  • 1 x Recipe Pack every month
  • 1 x Deep Dive Masterclass every month
  • 1 x LIVE Q&A Session every month
  • 1 x Wellness Resource every month
  • Access to the Flourish Community with Networking Opportunities, Group Coaching Sessions with Gabrielle, Guest Masterclasses, and more
  • PLUS: Custom Wellness Assessment & Roadmap to map out your 12 months ahead (US$197 value)

PLUS: Taste Bud Reset online program (US$49 value)

PLUS: 20 Ultimate Smoothies recipe book (US$9 value)

  • PLUS: Discounted health analytics and blood testing services including access to our team of experienced health professionals (Australia only)
  • PLUS: Free tickets to our in-person and virtual events
  • PLUS: 20% discount to any Plant Body Solution products and services

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More About How It Works:



No. 1


Create your account by choosing either the monthly or annual plan on checkout.


No. 2


Each month you receive a recipe pack with meal plan, and a themed wellness resource.

No. 3


Get your ingredients in and cook and enjoy the food while you implement the monthly wellness actions to further improve your health and wellbeing.

No. 4


Dust off that bucket list and start spending the all of the new energy your body feels.



Burning Questions from fellow health seekers

While our recipes are not gluten-free by design, you will see our reliance on gluten is minimal. Recipes can easily be modified to be gluten-free, if needed, by simply using gluten-free ingredients.

We understand that making a further investment in your health--even just US$20--is a big decision. That’s why we’ve eliminated ALL RISK from this equation and do not require monthly members to commit to more than one month at a time! However, it is important to note that there are no refunds granted for annual membership purchases.

Yes! If you join as a monthly member to witness your own health transformation at US$20/month, you can upgrade to an annual membership for US$197 at any time for some major savings, and extra bonuses.

Your Flourish subscription includes: a monthly Lifestyle Action Plan, A seven day plant-based meal plan, a masterclass, live Q&A, mindset guidance as well as Group Coaching sessions and Accountability calls so you have EVERYTHING you need to support your health.

When you join Flourish, you are charged the day you sign up to receive access to the current month’s issue. Then you will be charged on a monthly basis on the same day each month going forward. Example: If you join on May 10th, all subsequent monthly charges will be on the 10th of the following months of your subscription.

You only have access to the items available in the month you’ve purchased through your Flourish subscription. In order to access past issues, simply sign into your Flourish Dashboard, go to “Shop”, and purchase any issue you’d like access to.

The content provided in Flourish can be customized for nearly every health consideration however we do urge you to discuss it with your Doctor who is the best person to know your needs and requirements when it comes to food. In our meal plans, we do offer ingredient substitution suggestions.

The Flourish Community is brand spanking new and our aim is to grow the community over time. Held in a private members-only Facebook group, every month you have the chance to participate in live Group Coaching with Gabrielle Olga to ask questions, improve your health, and move through any roadblocks you might be facing as you implement the monthly action plan.

Unfortunately not. The meal plans and recipes have been created for your use only and are copywrited to protect all paying members in our community. If you'd like to spread the good word, we'd love for you to encourage an enrolment to the Flourish community and inclusions will be offered to program graduates in due course. Thank you for your support!

Get Your Free Recipe Pack

With our free recipe pack, you’ll prepare and eat nutritious plant-based meals for an entire week including breakfasts, lunches, dinners and suggested snacks. A shopping list is provided. PLUS the meals have been nutritionally balanced taking out the pain of wondering “Am I fuelling right?” 




I cannot wait to see you arrive …

Going it alone in your lifestyle goals is possible, but why take the long way?

I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to make slow progress and backwards steps. It can feel frustrating and downright soul destroying at times.

I strongly believe that everyone needs a coach if they are going to grow and thrive.

That’s why coaching is a critical aspect to Flourish.

The only question to ask yourself is – am I the right coach for you?

Not sold on the coaching aspect? No problem. Sign up for the meal plans alone! These sell for RRP $59 each so you’ll already be financially (and healthily) better off for your decision to join.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that what we achieve together over the coming months will be completely and utterly life changing for you.

I look forward to walking this journey with you inside the Flourish membership.

Gabrielle xo

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