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I traded my animal-rich diet for a plant-based lifestyle, dropped 20 kilos and rescued my health. 15 years later, I teach others how to do the same.

“My highest purpose is to help women find freedom. When body confidence and health is no longer a limitation, she has the energy to pursue the life of her dreams.”

In 2007, I stopped eating animal foods as an experiment. I was sick of being overweight and tired, and dealing with skin sores that refused to heal. My self-esteem was through the floor, and I knew something needed to change. After a bit of digging around I came across the concept of a ‘vegan’ diet which I thought might help, but the reality of making the transition was a struggle.

A farmer’s daughter, I was raised on a sheep and beef farm. Meat, eggs and (lashings of!) dairy were the standard fare, so when I took these off my plate I was completely lost! What do I eat now?

As foreign as it all felt, I persevered, and once I went exclusively plant-based, I started noticing rapid changes in myself. First, in my mood and energy levels, and then in my appearance.

It didn’t take long for other people to start noticing too, so I kept going. I lost 2 dress sizes in just 3 months, my skin issues cleared, and I stopped falling asleep on the couch after dinner.

I felt like I stumbled upon a secret that needed to be shared, but it wasn’t until I witnessed my mother’s recovery from risky bypass surgery that I got a nudge. Then the clincher – losing my dad to cancer.

I promised myself that I’d help others through the process to plant-based so they could prevent and reverse lifestyle related illness and start enjoying life again.

Learning how to nail the cooking; how to optimise nutrition; how to work it alongside a busy job and family as well as navigate the social aspects is A LOT. Yet the journey has lead to more joy, productivity, self-confidence, inner peace and fulfilment than I ever expected. And that’s been the case for many of my students.

I want you to know that you can do the same. So when you’re ready, take my hand and let’s get started. 

Gab xo

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