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About Gabrielle.


Professionally, I’m a plant-based family health coach and I run this thing called Plant Body Solution.

My life’s mission is to help fix the mess of preventable disease caused by myths perpetuated by the food industry and life long eating traditions.

What upsets me most is people watching family members suffer pain and discomfort as they battle against disorders and diseases that can be largely avoided through dietary change. Worse still is being forced to say goodbye to loved ones too early – a heartbreak I have suffered several times (and the number one reason why I do what I do).

Technology today is a double-edged sword. We have more information at our fingertips than ever before, yet not enough time to process it and practically apply it to our lives.

That’s where I come in. I help time-poor families make dietary changes over time, so that they can have the energy to live a healthy life, and grow old together as a family.

As someone who values compassion above all else, I’m also just one of many who believe that we must end the suffering and consumption of animals; promote a whole food, plant-based lifestyle to heal our bodies and work together across a diverse set of belief systems, and barriers in order to do so.

I deeply believe that a whole-food plant-based way of eating is an inspiring, empowering and life affirming choice and that we are living in such a time where more and more individuals will come to decide it for themselves.

I am certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis, Holistic Health, Functional Medicine and Psychology. 

My Journey.

My weight ballooned when puberty hit and I was extremely uncomfortable in my body. Then with my first pregnancy I gained over 30 kilos (weighing in at over 100 kilos) eating all the stuff I was told I should – meat (for iron), dairy (for calcium) and eggs (for protein). I also gained an assortment of other bonuses, like hypertension, anemia, recurring UTI’s, anxiety and skin lesions that wouldn’t go away. 

My self-esteem grew non-existent, and the weight was barely shifting despite breastfeeding.

I had two more babies and was getting bigger and bigger. I tried weight-loss programs, detoxes and gimmicks.

When I hit the point of desperation, I remember that I had heard about this thing called “veganism”. I began to read all I could. I decided to give it a go – it seemed to be a lifestyle built the things I also valued – like empathy, kindness, and natural health.

It worked.

Rapidly I saw results as the weight just seemed to drip off and my skin cleared. It was like I was plugged into an energy source.  

After a couple of months, I was convinced it was time to make changes in the family. It was tough – juggling a corporate career with little ones while trying to make the change. Despite all the tears, frustration and overwhelm, things slowly started coming together.

The Future.

Since switching up the food on my plate, so much has changed. My relationships have strengthened, I’ve started my own coaching business and found meaning and purpose in each day.

Plant-based eating isn’t just about quitting animal foods. It’s about getting after your best life and having everything you ever dreamed of. It’s about living the way other people won’t live, so you can live the way most people can’t.

My goal is to provide you with the same resources, tools, education, road-maps and inspiration that helped me navigate my own transition and my family’s.

A plant-based way of eating isn’t a consequence. It is our invitation to the life we are supposed to be living. Our invitation home.

I am so glad you are here, and I hope this serves you on your way.

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