5 Day Challenge


Get The Family Onboard!


This Was Me. Can You Relate?

When I discovered that animal foods were unhealthy, I felt guilty serving them to my family and worried about the impact it was having on their health.

My body was suffering and sending me clues to tune in to it and listen. 

As an animal lover, I felt conflicted. How can I love animals one day and eat them the next?! I was living a life incongruent with my values.

I was confused about how to make the transition, and how to teach my family to do the same.

I was worried that my family would resist the change and I’ll be stuck eating animals. Or worse; making two meals each night – one for them and one for me.

If So, Let’s Go!

Where My Journey Began

One bleak morning in 2008, I headed to work with an idea that my lack of energy and poor physical health was linked to my food. Using company internet to do some research, I found some articles which spoke to the damaging effects of animal foods on the human body. These were cited, science-based medical studies. How had I never known before?

What would come next was my own personal health experiment, and a quest to learn everything I could about a plant-based lifestyle. Then I set about helping my family make the change for vitality and happiness.

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What’s Included In This Mini-Challenge?

5-DAY FAMILY FRIENDLY MEAL PLAN: You’ll receive the recipes that my own family know and love. The meal plan includes tips, recommended “serve with” suggestions and variations you can make to the meals depending on tastes preferences.   

SHOPPING LIST: In addition to the meal plan, we provide you a full list of ingredients, organized by day, to make shopping easier for you.

PRE-CHALLENGE VIDEO: This video tells you what to expect from the mini-challenge and shares all the information to help prepare you before it starts. I highly recommend watching this video twice to ensure that you have an amazing and fulfilling experience to get the results that you desire.

DAILY COACHING VIDEOS: Access to 5 Exclusive Daily Coaching Videos—one for each day—to guide you through your week. These help walk you through the mini-challenge and to achieve successful results. These videos are here to help you gain support and even help you to establish daily and long-term goals. 

DAILY HOMEWORK & NOTES: Within your membership portal there will be homework for you below each video. This is where we do some inner work. Mental shifts require effort too to help you and your family transition beyond the 5 days! 

POST-CHALLENGE BONUS VIDEO: This provides helpful tips on how to continue incorporating recipes and tools into your life post-challenge.

DAILY SUPPORT EMAILS: You will receive daily support emails and reminders to help keep you on track during your mini-challenge. We are here for you to hold your hand along the way.

“Teaching children to fuel their bodies from plant sources is the ultimate expression of motherly love .”

Love From Past Clients